2006 China-Japanese Children Outdoor Nature Experiences Project


From "2004 the North East Asia Children Outdoor Nature Experiences Project

2006 China-Japnese Children Outdoor Nature Experiences Project
Outline /Objective

Environmental education programme in Fukui Prefecture for children from Northeast Asia

As the neigbouring countries of Northeast Asia enter the second decade of the 21st century striving to strengthen friendship and goodwill among themselves and contribute to international peace and prosperity, children have a crucial role as the future of the region. What we do today to educate children and promote their all-round development as responsible citizens of tomorrow, will play a vital role in shaping the future of the region.

Love and understanding of nature and its preservation is central to the future of the planet but children today do not have much opportunity to get close to nature in the cities. That is why NPO Corporation Partnership Center Director Tsuji Kazunori, in collaboration with partner organizations in other countries, has been organizing exchange visits by children from Northeast Asian countries to Fukui Prefecture to experience and learn about nature at first hand.

Fukui Prefecture is rich in nature with abundant agricultural land, scenic mountain landscapes and lush forests through which the River Asuwa flows. Amidst these woodlands and fields, the NPO provides children the opportunity to get close to nature and farming and take part in practical nature conservation activities, improving their awareness of environmental conservation issues. Children from Japan, China, Russia, North and South Korea and Mongolia have joined Japanese children in nature camping activities organized by the NPO in Fukui (http://www.globalkids.jp/).

Besides learning about nature, the camping visits to Fukui are also an opportunity for children from the different countries to learn about each other’s language and culture, thereby building the basis for a future of shared prosperity.

Each camp brings together 25 children from one country. At total of 35 camps have been organized so far. There has been active collaboration between the China People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries in China’s Zhejiang Province and the Japan-China Friendship Association, Fukui Prefecture in organizing the camps. Middle-high school children from China’s Hangzhou region in Zhejiang took part in nature camping and practical environmental education activities in Fukui and Obama City.  

2004 China・Japnese Children Outddor Nature Experienes
Camping Project
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